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Fun  And  Inspiring  Theatrical  Happiness!

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Having faith is fine.
Sharing faith is divine!
This was our main inspiration in developing
the program. It is an entertaining, highly interactive, Christian-based event designed for all denominations, sects, and followers of the teachings of Jesus. It is truly the S.T.U.F.F. that keeps on giving! The program is a
Spirit Touching Uplifting Fun Fest
for one and all!


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Our Leader & Founder

Jack Schuler A.C.T.S. the role and takes his faith seriously, but he also performs

with a light touch throughout the program. “The Light” is always with him … and in you!

Acts 2:17 in the Bible states, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people".  Jack takes this as his guide in the program and in his heart. Jack’s background makes him a great fit:

Actor: Jack has portrayed Abraham Lincoln for years and has been in numerous plays

Comedian: appeared with Ray Romano, Jay Leno and even Robin Williams!

Teacher: middle and high school English teacher, and tutor

Speaker: winner of a Toastmaster's speech contest

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The Price is Light!

In order to build an immediate following in Virginia and to spread our F.A.I.T.H.

far and wide, we are forgoing our usual fee of $175. Until further notice we are

offering our program to you for just $90!

Is that too much for your small gathering, or can't afford it? We'll work with you! F.A.I.T.H. is not about making money, far from it. We simply want to share and 

spread "The Spirit".  So, contact us soon and we'll make our "theatrical happiness"

happen for you and your organization!

Keep in mind, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Not enthralled with our program?

No questions will be asked and your deposit happily returned ... on the spot!

 So, don't wait, contact us ASAP while the offer lasts. Just touch that CONTACT page at the top and your members will thank you with big smiles!

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The F.A.I.T.H. Recipe

Start with popular hymns, songs and poetry to get the temperature warm and fuzzy. Then add

Our goal is not to just dip into the water, but to SPLASH and touch the soul of each audience participant!

Think Spiritual Poetry and Lyrics from songs both Christian and popular. Imagine great Acting

scenes from uplifting plays and films, memorable Speeches from pastoral and lay leaders; and much

of the foregoing sprinkled with Jack’s gift of Humor.

You can count on about one hour of inspiration and fun, give or take a few minutes!

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