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No one doubts that America is currently engaged in an Uncivil War between Republicans and Democrats. As disturbing and disruptive as this is, here's
worse news, much worse. The threat of an actual, violent, civil war, is 
becoming not just possible, but likely, according to many civil war experts.
Don't believe it? Then do your own research and you'll quickly discover that
about half of all Americans believe it, too.

We must not let that happen. It will not happen, if you take action. You cannot, you must not, leave this existential threat to America up to the next person. 

Here's one way to help. Read and take to heart:



With malice toward none

With an open mind and an open heart

I pledge to follow the better angel of my nature

In order to secure a lasting American future


To deeply listen to the other side

To do all that I can to bridge

The current political divide

I seek not to persuade

I seek only to share

How much I care

Here's the best remedy for what ails America!
to learn how you can actively help build bridges
between the far left and the far right.

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