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Please take a moment to check out Jack's recently released book. The front cover and information regarding it are just below.
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        Mystic Chords is the inspired autobiography of Abraham Lincoln, with

all the events, people, and dates being historically accurate, as well as the relationships he had. Groundbreaking and revelatory, it accurately chronicles, with a very personal touch, the many hardships and losses endured by the boy, the young man, and the eventual leader of a deeply divided, fragile republic. 

       Related in his own voice, Lincoln as narrator, invites the reader to relive each moment of levity, love, and loss, right beside him. Not one to sugarcoat the facts, as he puts it, you are treated to both his dominant “better angel”,

as well as his bouts with melancholy and fits of anger.

       Despite all the anguish and the unimaginable agony of being forced into leading the worst bloodshed ever seen in American history, Lincoln’s great gift of storytelling and humor shine through it all. More than anything else, however, it is his huge heart and renowned honesty that makes

this unforgettable journey such a unique treasure.

Praise for Mystic Chords

“Lincoln is charmingly captured in his own words, thoughts,

and deeds, in this highly original, impressive work.”   

George R. Goethals, Professor Emeritus,

University of Richmond, editor of Lincoln’s Legacy of Leadership

“Along with Lincoln’s courage and famous wit, the theme of love

and loss burns brightly throughout Mystic Chords.”  

 Dr. Helen Foster, psychiatrist and author of The Silent Hen

“A highly enjoyable read that includes a fascinating examination of how Abraham Lincoln used humor to deal with his own dark times and those of our nation.”

 Ann Woodlief, English Professor Emeritus , VCU

 author of In River Time: the Way of the James

For more information or to order a copy of Mystic Chords on Amazon simply click the Explore button below.

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